open energy system modelling framework (oemof)

Name open energy system modelling framework
Acronym oemof
Institution(s) RLI Berlin, ZNES Flensburg
Author(s) (institution, working field, active time period) Guido Plessmann, Uwe Krien, Caroline Möller, Simon Hilpert, Cord Kaldemeyer, Clemens Wingenbach, Wolf-Dieter Bunke, Stephan Günther
Current contact person Guido Plessmann
Contact (e-mail)
Primary Purpose oemof is a framework for energy system model development and its application in energy system analysis.
Support / Community / Forum
Link to User Documentation
Link to Developer/Code Documentation
Documentation quality expandable
Source of funding ?
Number of devolopers less than 10
Number of users less than 100
Open Source
License Not decided yet
Source code available
Link to source code
Data provided all
Cooperative programming
GitHub Contributions Graph
Modelling software Python (3.4)
Internal data processing software Pandas, Postgresql
External optimizer
Additional software none
Citation reference
Citation DOI
References to reports produced using the model
Larger scale usage The framework is currently developed and applied by the author institutions.
Modeled demand sectors Grid optimisation, demand simulation, feed-in simulation
Link to API documentation
API to openmod database
Points/degree of abstraction oemof is meant to be a generic framework enabling modellers to easily create different energy system models.
Models using this framework renpassG!S, oemof app SmEnOs BBB

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